Japanese Input Method "ATOK"

Why do we need smart Japanese Input Method?

  • Japanese Input Method is a program that you can enter Japanese characters and symbols.
  • There are 3 Japanese characters, "Hiragana", "Katakana", "Kanji (Chinese characters)". Hiragana is converted to Kanji by Japanese Input Method.
  • One of the characteristic of Japanese language is an abundance of homonyms. However, it makes more complex to convert Hiragana into Kanji. That is why we need smart Japanese Input Method that can understand our Japanese more correctly.

What is ATOK Embedded?

  • "ATOK" is a family of software from JustSystems known as the most accurate, intelligent, and sophisticated Japanese Input Method.
  • "ATOK Embedded" is designed faster and smaller Input Method for limited resources of an embedded device.
  • Many device vendors including world-famous companies adopt ATOK Embedded to implement their devices such as: mobile phones, automotive navigation systems, video games, and so on.
  • We provide many different kinds of preset and enlarged dictionaries to meet requirements of a target product.
  • ATOK Embedded has well-designed Application Program Interface that be useful in supporting to implement your devices easily.


OS: Any
e.g. i-TRON, Java(intent), Linux, Embedded Linux, Symbian OS, T-Engine, VxWorks, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows XP Embedded, other Embedded Real-time OS and products without OS

CPU: General 32 bit CPUs with a compiler conforming to ANSI C
e.g. x86, 68K, Power PC, MIPS, SH, ARM, StrongARM

Endian: Little Endian or Big Endian

Character Code: Shift JIS or Unicode

Develoment Kit: ATOK Engines & Dictionaries (object files), API Specification Document, Development Guidelines, Sample Programs ,and Emmulator

Target Devices: Mobile Phones, Automotive Navigation Systems, TV, Set-top Boxes, Blu-ray Recorders, Video Games, Printers, Handy terminals, Electronic Dictionaries, and so on